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Bark Control for Dogs

Bark Control devices will stop Howling Hounds and Yapping Yorkies! And Then...You Will Have Peace & Quiet!No matter the type of dog, we have products that are right for you and your dog. If you are having barking problems with your neighbor's dogs, check out Ultrasonic Bark Control Products.

What are the differences in these products?

Spray Bark Collars emit a harmless spray under your dog's snout that interrupts her barking. The spray is available in citronella or unscented. Best for: All dogs, sensitive dogs. 

Static Bark Collars emit a safe, gentle static correction similar to a static shock you might get by rubbing your feet on the carpet. Best for: All dogs, stubborn dogs.

Ultrasonic Bark Control devices emit a high frequency sound that only dogs can hear. The sound will discourage your dog or your neighbor's dog from barking. Best for: Senisitve or small dogs.

The Vibration Bark Collar uses a varyng pattern of vibration that surprises your dog. It does not use any static correction. Best for: Sensitve and deaf dogs.

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