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Innotek UltraSmart Contain & Train Pet Fence

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Product Description

Pet Containment & Remote Training in One Great System! Keep your dog safe and well behaved with this two-in-one pet fencing and remote training system. Finally you can get an in-ground pet fence PLUS a 150 yard remote dog training collar -  All in One!


  • Pet's collar receives the signal from both the fencing boundary and the hand-held remote
  • Fencing transmitter powers a boundary up to 25 acres
  • Handheld remote includes up to 9 training levels
  • 150 yard remote training range
  • Training system works inside or outside your fence boundaries
  • Contain & Train multiple pets with additional UltraSmart Contain and Train Collars (Item # IUC-5225)
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery
  • Built-in 24/7 battery backup in the event of a power failure
  • audible and visual wire-break alarm
  • Compatible with the PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter

You can contain your dog within the fence, and also use the same collar for behavior training. The Innotek UltraSmart Contain and Train Dog Fence includes a wireless waterproof remote training feature for on-demand corrections for behavior training, inside OR outside of your yard! The Remote Trainer has 9 levels of correction, a Tone-only mode and can transmit up to a 150 yard range.

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  • Transmitter with mounting hardware and Power Adapter
  • UltraSmart Rechargeable Collar - fits 8-28 inch neck
  • Remote Transmitter with battery & lanyard
  • Surge Protector
  • Receiver Collar Charger
  • Long and short Probes with Wrench
  • 500 Feet of Wire & 50 Training Flags
  • Waterproof Splices and Wire Nuts
  • Test Light
  • Owners Manual

This Pet Fence Kit includes everything you need to contain one pet in a yard up to 1/3 acre. With additional wire and flags and dog fence collars, you can enclose up to 25 acres in size and contain an unlimited number of pets.

How Much Wire Do You Need?

  • 1/3 Acre - 500 Feet (Included with this dog fence)
  • 1 Acre - 1000 Feet
  • 2 - 3 Acres - 1500 Feet
  • 4 - 5 Acres - 2000 Feet
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Product Reviews

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  1. excelent Trainner

    Posted by randy b on Jul 23rd 2014

    I'm very Hapy for use it!

  2. Works very well.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 17th 2014

    We've had it in for about 2 months, underground in the front yard and fence-mounted in the back yard. It seems to be performing exactly as promised. My dog took to it very well and doesn't run through the boundary. He's been zapped a couple times and stays well away from the flags. It only took a couple days of training him with the plastic covers over his collar to teach him to retreat back away from the flags when it beeps. We also have the indoor barrier (PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Transmitter) and it has totally stopped him from going upstairs without needing a baby gate anymore!

  3. Thrilled with the results!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2014

    My very stubborn IrishDoodle is staying well within his boundaries. Wish I would have gotten sooner!

  4. Would recommend this product...

    Posted by B/ girl on Dec 6th 2011

    We used this product for our St Bernard Puppy and we love it... She is staying in the yard with no worries about her running to visit the neighbors. The product is easy to install and the video makes the training easy....

  5. Worth the Money!

    Posted by Jess on Nov 7th 2011

    Worked great. I honestly thought that I would not be able to leave my dogs outside off a leash. After following the guidelines, my dogs won't even go near the boundary. Wonderful!

  6. Totally happy!

    Posted by Cort on Nov 4th 2011

    I couldn't be more happy with this product! I have a 6 month old Golden Retriever and he became trained with the fence in two days. I need to explain that I wasn't totally successful with the recommended procedure but the end result was great. I started training as recommended but after two weeks with the flags and no stimulation, he still wasn't backing away on his own. Because he is still a pup, I believe that is because he just wasn't focusing on the task. I decided to add the stimulus and within two days he would stop before the flags on his own. I walked him around the boundary and he learned that quickly. After several more days, I was confident enough to let him roam the yard on his own. There were times he would get to the boundary and get the low level stimulus and would immediately back away. It's now been about two weeks and we have had other dogs in the yard playing with him and he will not chase outside of the boundary. Also, when people walk into the yard, he will not go outside of the boundary. One thing I learned in the process was that initially I had the stimulus set to low and that would not get his attention and he would then get too close to the wire and receive the big hit. This only happened twice before I decided to move the stimulus up to medium. Now he would get a lower level stimulus that did get his attention and he then quickly learned to back away from the flag. Some other experiences to date: I have used the remote to correct some behaviors using only the tone and that has been very effective. I think that is a great tool. I installed the wire above ground using staples. So far this has worked good. The grass is just starting to grow here in Minnesota so it's too early to tell if I will have a problem but so far it looks good. Certainly is easier than digging it it. An interesting note, when I take him into the yard without the collar, he will not respect the flags at all! With the collar on, he won't go near them. He definitely knows what the collar is for. He isn't bothered wearing it but I was hoping he would reach a point where he will respect the boundary with or without the collar. This product is everything I was looking for to contain my dog and I couldn't be happier. I called Inotek several times for advice and they have been extremely helpful.

  7. Good training tool

    Posted by Braden on Nov 2nd 2011

    Effective product, however, the handheld controller is inconsistent. At times it works very effectively, others it is not responsive.

  8. It calmed our nerves in one day

    Posted by The nice enjoyable stay home dog on Oct 31st 2011

    Product was easy to install(DYI)and we only had a shovel. Ordered stakes for rocky areas as grass/weeds just grows over it and wire disappeared. Finally, it's nice see our dog and us enjoying our yard together as opposed to us seeing just the back side of the little animal as she ran down the street. What a pleasant attitude adjustment for all.

  9. Training is crucial

    Posted by Tom University Chemist on Oct 27th 2011

    Have an American Bulldog and a pit bulldog mix, each breed having their own unique traits. The American bulldog has less neck area sensitivity while the mix would not concentrate during training. The Amer.Bulldog initially could run through the fence with a narrow field and the mix was clueless why he would get tone and feel the correction. Both have since ""found the fence,"" noticing the flags and tone. We have not yet begun removing flags until we reach our desired field width without run-through issues. Adjusting the width and intensity corrected the Amer.Bulldog and corrective exposure has given the mix impetus to hear and visually notice the fence boundary. Both dogs have been efficiently co-contained, after extensive daily exposure to fence (2 weeks), followed by response training (2 weeks), and then monitoring for a month, over the last month. The above ground wire was not optimal for all fence installation sites. To avoid wire damage issues from the mower we used a combination of above-ground and in-ground wire (~4 in deep for in-ground), installed ~50:50 distribution around a 2 ac. yard space in one day with one digging and one burying.
    Regarding the 'and Train' capability, the pitbull mix puppy has tended to jump on smaller or less confident guests. The ability to correct in the presence of a crowd of guests is now easily done with only a tone warning, which has made having guests and his training for guests much easier. We found, to our relief, that just a tone alone gives good persistence of correction across many contacts. We have not had to use the 'and Train' capability with the Amer.Bulldog due to his gentle (though bulldog-stubborn :-)) persona and have not yet begun using the local indoor field unit but plan on using it for kitchen counter food issues.

  10. Worth every penny!

    Posted by HarmonyGrace on Oct 24th 2011

    The set up and training were very easy, using th erecomended training method, my dogs had it down in just a couple of days - the remote and flags worked great as training aids - now we don't even have to turn it on most of the time!

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