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PetSafe Deluxe Citronella Bark Collar

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Product Description

Helps stop unwanted barking. Each time your dog barks, the sound-sensitive Deluxe Citronella Anti Bark Collar releases a spray of harmless citronella.

The spray interrupts the dog's pattern of barking. Over time, most dogs are gradually conditioned to stop barking. Includes a refill can of citronella spray, and complete instructions. This is a safe, effective and humane way to end your dog's cycle of nuisance barking.


  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • 2 levels of spray correction: short and long spray
  • Manually adjustable
  • Sound sensor detects dog's bark
  • Ergonomic receiver collar with QuickFit™ buckle for quick release and perfect fit
  • Good/low battery and spray indicator
  • Collar uses PetSafe 3-Volt CR2 battery (included)
  • 40-50 sprays per refill, 400-500 sprays per can
  • Owners Manual

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Product Reviews

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  1. It Works.

    Posted by Craig Cardwell on Feb 4th 2013

    We have tried several devices and techniques with our happy and barky airedale. None have done the job. This device works as advertised. Following a number of "test days" with the device on and off of the dog, but with the device not activated, we turned the device on and achieved instant success. The dog became a bit shy and quiet for a few days, then gradually regained her jaunty confidence, except for the barking. The barking has nearly ceased, and in any case is no longer a problem for the neighbors.

    We do not leave the device on the dog all day. We put it on her for an hour or so in the early morning and then again in the early evening when she is out and about the most. This practice works for us and for the dog.....and for the neighbors.

    We did not use the provided collar. Instead we modified an existing collar that she was used to and put that on the device. The existing collar already had her scent on it and she was familiar with it. I think that that helped the transition affirmatively.

    I am very thankful that we discovered this device and that it works so well. I highly recommend it.

  2. Great Purchase!!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 24th 2013

    Wonderful company to do business with - and great product.
    It does exactly what it says it will do. I am well pleased!!

  3. awsome choice

    Posted by Lindy on Dec 21st 2012

    this was the best investment i ever made,i have 3 large pits ,and a judge for a neighbor,so I want to respect my neighbors,by law you only have 10 min you can let your dog bark before you get a large fine.I had first invested in the shock bark colors that i recoment if you like your dogs necks bloody after a few days.They work but cause alot of pain.The citranella colors definatly keep my dogs quiet!and no pain,you eaisly know when to refill it,when you hear barking,refill is monthy.

  4. It works

    Posted by DeGeorge on Jul 11th 2012

    We have a yorkie that will bark if the wind blows! This collar is starting to train him well. We want him to be a dog outside, but inside is another matter. Have had it on for about three weeks. He is getting much better. Every now and then he will forget and let out a very big BARK and the collar works great. Another bark DOES NOT come out of his mouth. Lot of work taking it on and off (inside and outside) but well worth it for the short term. I think this will work out great!

  5. Blue Tick is Quiet

    Posted by Jim Armatti on Jun 4th 2012

    A Blue Tick has a very loud bark. When it is outside, it is to be expected. Inside is a no no! The PetSafe citronella bark collar worked great. One bark and he was done, no more barking in the house. The price was right and shipping was free and quick. A good buy!

  6. Spray Bark Collar

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2012

    It works. My very neurotic schnoodle would bark just to say hello most days, but now he is slowly learning to use other skills, pawing or sitting in front of me to get my attention. In the yard, he barks to show he's king, but not when he's got the collar on. He has a lot of fur and I do have to watch out for matts from the spray, but it's nice to brush the dog anyway. We just do it more often now. Much more pleasant to have a dog than before the spray collar.

  7. bark collar

    Posted by Agnes Mom on May 14th 2012

    It works, they still bark, but when the collar is on they don't.

  8. bark collar

    Posted by Unknown on May 11th 2012

    Very good when I remember to put it on

  9. It was this or the dog!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 17th 2012

    It has made all the difference in the world with what has to be the most shrill bark ever! Whenever anyone came to the door we had to put the dog in the kennel. She's not cured yet, but is happily on her way. The spray is irritating to our eyes if she's nearby, but worth it!!!

  10. Peace at Last!

    Posted by Mary on Apr 16th 2012

    My Golden Retriever had a machine gun bark. He would bark at anything that flew or just bark to say "Here I am!" The collar has changed my dog. He will occasionally let out one or two barks, but that's it. We now have a peaceful home!

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