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PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter

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Product Description

Do you need to keep your pet away from areas in your home? The PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter is safe, easy to set up and very effective.

Just place the small, compact transmitter (about the size of a Frisbee) near the area you want to protect. Adjust the range from as little as 2 feet to up to 10 feet. When your pet gets near the signal a warning beep sounds on the collar (not included). If he continues to approach the protected area, a mild correction is given.

You can use it to keep your pet out of a child's room, away from the kitchen table, off the counter or just about any area you need him to steer clear. Protect as many areas as you need by getting additional transmitters and control multiple pets by purchasing additional collars. Put it anywhere, in a plant, next to the front door, hanging on a wall or in a drawer. Although the transmitter is designed for indoor use, it can also be used in a garage or under a covered patio where a 110 outlet is accessible.


  • No training or installation required
  • Adjustable boundary range from 2-10 feet
  • Warning tone for added training effectiveness and safety
  • Compact transmitter about the size of a Frisbee
  • Works with most PetSafe in-ground fence collars except UltraSmart (not included)
  • Works with multiple dogs and cats (additional receiver collars required)
  • Auto–Safety Shut Off prevents unnecessary correction
  • Omni-Directional Signal prevents your pet from finding a way out or around
  • Includes:
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Product Reviews

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  1. Indoor radio fence meets expectations

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 9th 2013

    Couldn't be happier. It works great - our dogs don't jump on our furniture any more! Easy to train since they were already trained on our outdoor system.

  2. PetSafe Deluxe Indoor Radio Fence

    Posted by mike on Apr 16th 2012

    IT WORKS GREAT MY dog no longer tears up my patio door! i turn it off put it away and the dogs know all is safe and comes right in! highly recomend!

  3. Dog and cat owner

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 20th 2012

    This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Training the dog to the outdoor fence was easy. I had a child gate to keep the dog out of the room I feed my cats and where they have their litter box. It was a pain climbing over day after day. Then I saw the indoor model. It works with the same collar and no training was necessary!!!!! The dog is the only one that even knows it's there! Thank you!

  4. I would recommend this product.

    Posted by Lab Lover on Jan 5th 2012

    I use this product at the base of our stairs, it keeps our 5mo old lab from going upstairs. It is so convenient to transport as well, I recently went on vacation and took it with me to keep my pup away from places he should not wander in to.

  5. Perfect

    Posted by Super Dave on Dec 6th 2011

    The indoor fence product I purchased worked exactly as intended and has kept our dog from jumping on the sliding glass doors.

  6. Inside fence

    Posted by TJ on Nov 21st 2011

    This is the only thing I can use to keep my beagle out of the kitchen and away from food and garbage pail. I also use it in conjection with the outside invisible fence. I wouldn't have a dog without it. Actually this is my second indoor one. I have the first at the bottom of my stairs.....beagle loved getting into cat liter and no amount of training would stop her.

  7. Not bad

    Posted by Wendi on Nov 15th 2011

    This product works great, the only problem is that it works too good. We found that the system would actually work through the floor and when the dog was downstairs (where he was allowed to be), he was getting a shock. You need to make sure that the box is put in a really good spot.

  8. I would definately buy this again

    Posted by kt on Nov 9th 2011

    I have had a problem with the dog darting out the front and back doors and even had the police called because he got loose. I tried the battery operated fneces that DO NOT work so now I have two of these plug in radio fences and he has not gotten out for over a year he doesn't even go near the doors! It is the best!

  9. It works!

    Posted by mary on Nov 7th 2011

    This really works but other reviews are right. The signal goes through floors but we were able to set it in a three foot setting that worked for us. The dog went to the "marked" area once on a setting of 2 and that was it!!

  10. Helped bring peace to our house again.

    Posted by Crazy dog owner on Nov 2nd 2011

    I have tried everything for my dogs separation anxiety. I ended up getting three of these and put them in my open floor plan house so that my dog can only be in the front two rooms of the house. She usually scratches at the back door and distress my couches while we are out. We were to the point of looking for someone to adopt her when I decided to buy this product. It was more none the. I would have liked to spend but they are doing the job I needed them for.
    We are still working on the anxiety but things are going better in our house.

    One big thing I have noticed is that the shock zone gets bigger on it's own and I have to reset them from time to time. Overall I recommend them :)

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