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PetSafe Instant Fence Extra Collar

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Product Description

Add a dog to your wireless fence. The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Collar works with the PetSafe Instant Wireless Dog Fence and PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence.

If you have more than one dog, you will need an extra receiver/collar for each one you want to contain. This collar has a beep only mode for training and 5 adjustable levels of correction allowing you to customize it to your pet's training needs.

The collar will comfortably fit your dog with a curved inside edge to ensure the best fit for your dog. The receiver is waterproof and has a low battery indicator light that will blink to let you know it is time to change your battery.


Not compatible with Invisible Fence® Pet Fences or PetSafe Underground Dog Fences

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Product Reviews

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  1. Perfect

    Posted by Martin Ratliff on Jan 14th 2014

    Bought as a replacement collar for a unit we have had for several years. Works perfect with no problems at all. This was the best price anywhere, came original sealed package and quick shipping. Completely satisfied! A+

  2. A best price buy

    Posted by Rodger K. on Jan 1st 2014

    We have two of our dog's on the PestSafe Wireless collars and they work great and the dog's learned quickly not to cross the invisiable line. So we decided we needed another PetSafe wireless fence collar for our Scottie who crossed the street in traffic and gave us a scare. I went on line to Radio Fence dot com website and found just what we needed at a great price. They shipped it quickly and now our Scottie knows where the wireless fence line is and stays put in our yard.
    I highly recommend RadioFence dot com for the best price buy on the internet.

  3. Collar outsmarts smart pet

    Posted by Kristine Cox on Jul 7th 2013

    My elderly dog (11 yrs old) loves to escape the yard and run. He learned to push the gate several times in a row and then it would bounce hard enough to open. Even the neighbors started putting him back in the yard. Now , with the new collar, he doesn't leave the yard even when the gate is left open by my challenged children! We can keep our dog safe and have peace knowing he will stay in the yard. Thanks radio fence and collar! The collar came on time and was just what I hoped it would be.

  4. Wireless Collar

    Posted by Lisa on May 9th 2013

    Worked perfectly and shipped quickly.

  5. Life changer for our dogs.

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 22nd 2013

    We recently moved to a rental with a beautiful large yard and no fence. I was not able to put up a fence and thought I would go the in-ground fence way. That was until they gave me the price $$$$. I was not convinced that the lay out of that type of money would be a wise decision, especially since I could not take it with me when I move and because I was not really sure it could contain my Shiba and Jack Russell. After reading many reviews and deciding that the above ground wireless system might be the way to go, I decided to give it a try, the money back guarantee also helped with my decision.
    I could not be happier and it has truly been a life changer for my dogs. They had been in a large fenced yard and outside all day to roam, play and lay in the sun in our previous house. When we moved they were not able to be outside unless we were home and they were on a long line. I had to walk them before and after work, my husband would come home at lunch for potty breaks and they seemed to be a little depressed after the first couple of months. It does take a little time to set the boundry and flags and yes you ust spend the tiem to train them (very important). It was a little distressing the first time they got the shock but once they and I got over it out lives have changed. I know put the collars on when we get up, they go out and pee. They come back in and have breakfast, we get ready for work and then just before we leave for work out they go. I have a little screend in porch that I leave open and they go in and out as they please. The first week the shiba challenged and got out but since then both dogs don't seem interested in going beyond the boundry. When we get home they still get a walk and some play time. In addition the stay & play worked great with both the small JR and larger Shiba (big his breed) with the advantage of adding another collat to the system.
    Thank you Radio Fence.com

  6. wireless dog collars works great

    Posted by krista on Mar 22nd 2012

    I have been using wireless fence and these collars for 6 years now.I have 3 labs,i think these collars are the best it keeps my dogs home safe.I go camping and just take the fence with me.I would recommend this product to anyone.

  7. i would buy again

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 15th 2011

    Wonderful service from this company, and they have the best prices for batteries of any place on the web.

  8. This version is great

    Posted by Bucqui on Nov 9th 2011

    I have three dogs, small, medium and large. These new versions of the electronic collars are fabulous. I can set just the right setting for each pet. Much sturdier than before as well.

  9. Good Product, Does not harm the animals

    Posted by Dog Lover on Nov 7th 2011

    I use the product with the transmitter to control two Boston Terrier puppies in a very large yard. Before, I was having everything chewed up, including plants. Now they know where to go and do not test me. They are not being injured by the collar. The only problem is that with two very active dogs, they can chew up the plastic housing, and get the battery out, as these dogs are chewers. Continue to use the collars, even though two have been chewed up.

  10. Dog collar great

    Posted by Ann the goat farmer on Nov 2nd 2011

    I love them we have been using them for 4 years at least, it keeps our dogs in our yard without having to deal with digging in our hard clay. It is also transferrable to different locations if you move or decide you want the dog closer to one side of the yard or other. Just move reciever to a different location in house or barn. They are expensive but effective, and we have to have batteries replaced several times a year. Sometimes hard to find replacement batteries when you need them, if you don't have a petsmart nearby I suggest on buying extra set to have on hand. My experience is when dog figures out battery is dead he roams then someone thinks that's a nice collar there and steals it. Dog is protective of his property but once off his property more friendly to others.

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