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PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier

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Product Description

Teach Your Pet to Avoid Areas in Your Home. Stop your pet from "Counter Surfing", waking the baby, getting into the trash or out of an entire room if necessary.

The PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier is a wireless dog fence you can use to keep pets out of certain areas in your house. No training and no installation, simply place the small transmitter in the areas you don't want your dog to be, put the collar on him and watch as he stays away from the protected areas.

The transmitter will broadcast a radio signal adjustable up to up to a 6 foot radius (12 foot diameter). When your dog first enters this range he will receive an audible tone followed by mild stimulation that will increase the closer he gets to the transmitter.

The PetSafe Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier can be put anywhere, in a plant, next to the front door, hanging on a wall or in the coffee table drawer. Whether it is hanging, standing or laying your pet will not be able to dig in your plants, run out the front door when guests arrive or beg for food at the dinner table.

You can use as many collars and transmitters as you need. Solve frustrating pet problems with expert ease!


  • For dogs and cats 5 pounds and up, or for neck sizes 6" - 28"
  • For indoor use only
  • Adjustable range up to a 6 foot radius (12 foot diameter)
  • Progressive Static Correction- begins at the lowest level and increases to maximum in 3 seconds
  • Time Out- collar stops delivering correction after 15 seconds
  • Lightweight, waterproof receiver collar and compact transmitter
  • Transmitter uses 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Receiver collar uses two 3-Volt lithium batteries (included)
  • Add Extra Indoor Pet Barriers and Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collars for multiple pets and protected areas
  • Compatible with:
    • Pawz Away Extra Indoor/Outdoor Collar (RFA-377, PWF00-13664)
    • Pawz Away Indoor Pet Barrier (ZND-1000)
    • Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier (PWF00-11923)
    • Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier (PWF00-13665)
    • YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ (PIG00-11115)
  • Includes:
    • Barrier Transmitter (3 Alkaline AA batteries required, not included)
    • Receiver Collar with two 3-volt lithium batteries
    • Operating and Training Guide
    • Test Light Tool
    • Four Barrier Transmitter Grip Pads

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Product Reviews

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  1. Problem solved!

    Posted by I love my pitbull on Mar 20th 2012

    Keeping my pitbull mix out of my living room and dining room was challenging. Hate having to gate those areas off. I put one transmitter in living room and the other in the dining room and ta da, dog no longer goes into those rooms! Rufus is used to the invisible outdoor fence so once he heard the "beep, beep" warning, he tested his territory got zapped and never returned again. Love it!

  2. Nice to keep your pet away

    Posted by Jcc on Mar 20th 2012

    Great price and does the job right. Your pet gets trained fast.

  3. Great Product

    Posted by Harold on Mar 10th 2012

    This indoor pet barrier system works great. We already have an outdoor fence, so our dog knows the system. All we had to do was show her that the collar beeps if she gets too close and she never even tested it herself. Stayed away from the first minute.

  4. A Must Buy

    Posted by Rebecca on Mar 6th 2012

    Best investment I have ever made for myself. No more covers, no more hair, no more smell on the furniture! Wish I had discovered it a long time ago. It only took one time to keep my 3 babies out of the area. After 2 weeks they are not even wearing their collars but still will not venture into the furniture zone.

  5. This system works great!

    Posted by Sue on Dec 6th 2011

    We have a 10 year old 95 lb. Bouvier who, despite all our efforts, has been "counter-surfing" at will in our kitchen for many years, stealing food and leaving dirty, unsanitary paw and snout marks everywhere. More recently he had started breaking cabinet doors to get to the contents inside, so we searched the web til we found this product. We set the base on a kitchen counter, and before we put the collar on the dog I tested it on my arm, which was scary, but turned out just fine, because the shock is pretty mild. I tested it for quite awhile to get the distances figured out (we had to make sure he could still use a dog door that goes outside from the kitchen but not get near the counters) and it was a relief to learn that the shock isn't that bad, since none of us wants to torture our dogs. After I put the collar on the dog he only had to venture into the kitchen 2 or 3 times before he got the message. I did have to make the collar pretty snug in order to make sure it made proper contact...if it's too loose it won't work. It's been a couple of months now and I've never even seen him go near the kitchen counters again. It's so nice to have a clean kitchen and to be able to put food, snacks for guests, etc. out on the counters and not worry. I remove the collar and turn it and the base off for the night, and the only problem I've had is always remembering to turn both on again in the morning before I put the collar back on the dog. Even so, he doesn't go in the kitchen any more whether he has the collar on or not, or whether it's turned on or not. I wish I'd found this years ago!

  6. I love my indoor dog fence!

    Posted by Linda on Nov 30th 2011

    Oh my goodness, what a great product !!!!!
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    I purchased the ""indoor fence"" for my dog, and it is working wonders! I can now leave my home and not have to ""pile up"" boxes on my couch and chairs. This device is awesome.

    I was looking for a gate, when I found your site. And do you want to know what ""sealed the deal"" for me? It was the ""Ten Commandments', you have on your form. Thank you again, many times over.

  7. Terrific Training Aid.

    Posted by Devilish Miss Dixie's owner. on Nov 21st 2011

    The Indoor Pet Barrier is just that. An instant solution to a constant problem. Our Lab constantly surfed the kitchen counter. Immediately after placing the Zones disc on the counter and putting the collar on the dog, she started learning to stay away from the counter. What's great is we can move the disc to any location we wish. We have one in the living room to allow the cat a free zone where he can relax without having to deal with the dog. We're at the stage where we do not need the collar all of the time, but once in a while we need to reinforce the training by putting the collar back on her.

  8. Works well but need units everywhere

    Posted by yo-d on Nov 15th 2011

    Our dog has learned that he can reach the tasty food on the kitchen counter as well as on the dining table. If the unit is on the table, he stays away, but he is smart enough to be where the unit is not, so he just goes to the kitchen and looks for something on the counter. Consequently we need to have units in each place, which is expensive. That's the only downside to this method.

  9. Worked like magic!

    Posted by tjkool on Nov 9th 2011

    My 3.4lbs Chihuahua is potty trained to go on pads. At night or when I leave he would go potty over by the door on the carpet. I could never catch him because I was either asleep or gone. He never went when I was home and awake. I put the transmitter by the door and tested the shocker on myself first. It is not going to kill you but you know it is there. The very first day he got up in the night and I heard him scream. I knew he was over trying to go by the door. He did not of course. The next day he tried it again. That was the end of that problem. It has been a month now and he has not done his night time evils. When I left the house he went on the floor and I had the neighbor bring the transmitter within range to shock him while I put his nose in his pee. That cured him. He has not gone since except on his pad. I don't even put the collar on him anymore. He just knows now. This thing is a true miracle.I have left the house twice now, including today and when I returned there was no pee on the floor. It seems he is cured. I am truly relieved because my dog is 3 years old and it seemed he would never quit doing this. All it took was a couple of lessons and he is now the perfect dog.His neck is really tiny and the collar is able to go that small. I would say it is about the size of my wrist. Good luck.

  10. Needs more settings on collar

    Posted by Scott on Nov 7th 2011

    The problem is I have a larger dog with thick hair. The collar only has one setting and one set of prongs. The only controls are on the barrier disc that does nothing but control 4-5 warning distance settings. My dogs still gets through the barrier if he is determined. I recommend it to owners with smaller dogs with a thin coat or ones that may need to block off a large area. I was using mine to keep the dog out of the cat food and when he is hungry - the shocks from the collar to not deter him.

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