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PetSafe Standard Underground Dog Fence

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Freedom and safety - thousands less than conventional fencing. It's easy to keep your pet safe and secure in your own yard without installing an expensive wood or chain link fence thanks to the PetSafe Standard Dog Fence.

Reliable and inexpensive, this is a great fence that can do what physical fences cannot. Dogs cannot climb, jump or dig underneath this fence. The PetSafe Radio Fence allows you to keep your pets safe at home.

The PetSafe Standard Radio Fence comes complete with everything you need for quick setup. Just bury the wire, set up the boundary flags and attach the receiver-collar to your pet's neck. Safe and Effective for all pets 5 pounds and up. The PetSafe Ultralight Collar is an incredibly light weight 1.2 oz. including batteries so you can use it for your small pets.

Cut Your Pet Fence Installation Time in HALF and Avoid The Back Breaking Task of Burying Wire. Use Our "Pet Fence Staples" to Install Your Underground Pet Fence - Above Ground!

Learn About Above Ground Pet Fence Installation



  • Transmitter with Power Adapter
  • UltraLight Collar with battery
  • Operating and Training Guide
  • 500 Feet of Wire and 50 Training Flags
  • Waterproof splice capsules and wire nuts
  • Testing Tool: Allows you to test the proper operation of the Collar
  • Easy-to-follow manual and DVD covering installation and pet training

This Pet Fence Kit includes everything you need to contain one pet in a yard up to 1/3 acre. With additional wire and flags and dog fence collars, you can enclose up to 10 acres in size and contain an unlimited number of pets.

How Much Wire Do You Need?

  • 1/3 Acre - 500 Feet (Included with this dog fence)
  • 1 Acre - 1000 Feet
  • 2 - 3 Acres - 1500 Feet
  • 4 - 5 Acres - 2000 Feet
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Product Reviews

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  1. It definitely works!

    Posted by Firefly on Dec 6th 2011

    The regular that come with the kit works great. My shitzu finds it very comfortable.

  2. Happy camper!

    Posted by Lar on Nov 30th 2011

    First time to use a radio fence. Fenced in 1/2 acre around house and now don't have to worry when let dogs out (bought 2nd collar)! Training was easy.

  3. Wow.....my dog is do happy!!!! :-)

    Posted by Tina on Nov 21st 2011

    I have a 12lb Yorkie-Poo and she is just so happy to be able to go out in the yard without being on a leash and sniff around and play. A rabbit sitting right outside of the boundary does not deter her ... she learned so quickly.... just a few days. For those hesitating because of the thought of the static correction (I did too)...my Chloe is a big baby and when she received the correction during training...she did not even yelp...just jumped back within the boundary. Honestly...she only received the correction 2-3 times and she learned. Now she stays well within the boundaries...even when there is a bird or rabbit that she would just love to chase. I was amazed at how quickly she learned and it is so nice to be able to be outside in the yard and know that she is not going to chase after something or go over to the neighbor's large breed dogs. Love this system....The time it takes to install is well worth the effort.

  4. Amazing Results quickly!

    Posted by John on Nov 15th 2011

    This product is wonderful..I would have purchased this product a long time ago if I knew how easy it was to set up aroud my yard. Also how fast my 2 dogs learned not to leave he yard. It only took 1 day for my dogs to stay inside their yard. They have never tried to leave again, even when they see other people or dogs, This is a wonderful product, I would have never believed it worked until I tried it. Its truly amazing. I would tell everyone to purchase a radio fence product .I wished I would have known about this fence years ago.Thanks for a product that really works


    Posted by Proud Beagle Owner on Nov 9th 2011

    We have two very active beagle pups 5-6 months old. Within 2 days, they were trained to stay within their boundaries, and are off the leash. It took only about 3-4 shocks each. Both run and play hard with each other, but when they near the boundary & hear the beep, they stop. They won't even run through it for their favorite toy or snack. Prior to owning the Petsafe Basic electric dog fence, they were constantly taking off, and we were afraid of them going into the road. Now they can get their exercise, and I don't have to worry!

  6. works well

    Posted by charlie the beagle on Nov 7th 2011

    Used this fence to keep dog out of gardens - worked well for this although we had to be creative about location.

  7. Pet Containment For Dummies

    Posted by spyder on Nov 4th 2011

    This product is as effective as my daughter's high priced invisible fence system and was installed in a few hours with very little skill or tools needed. We were so impressed with the system we bought a second one for our weekend retreat.

  8. Saved my dog's life.

    Posted by riveredge on Nov 2nd 2011

    Works well through rain and snow.
    My dog was trained in one day.

  9. It Really Really Works!

    Posted by boilers2 on Oct 31st 2011

    This is the third system that I have installed. Wouldn't use any other system, or get it from any one else.

  10. works well

    Posted by Matt on Oct 27th 2011

    Before I got this, my dog had ran off several times, both from fenced and unfenced yards. I was worried that he would just ignore the collar and run straight through the wireless fence. (And he did a couple times at first.)

    However, by following the training procedure he learned not to go near the fence and hasn't even tried to run once since then. This worked out great.

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