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PetSafe Stubborn Dog Underground Fence

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Product Description

Do You Have A Hard-To-Train Dog? The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence sets the standard for in-ground dog fencing.


  • For dogs 15 pounds and up, or neck sizes 6-28"
  • Covers up to 1/3 acre with included wire
  • Expandable up to 10 acres with additional boundary wire (not included)
  • 4 adjustable levels of static correction with highest intensity levels available
  • Tone with vibration option alerts your pet with a beep and vibration
  • Contain multiple pets with these extra collars:
  • Anti-Linger Prevention
  • Progressive Run Through Prevention
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Low battery indicator
  • Collar uses PetSafe 9-Volt alkaline battery (included)
  • Works with multiple dogs and cats (additional receiver collars required)
  • Compatible with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter

Reliable and inexpensive, the PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence (MIG00-10939-W) is a great pet fence that can do what physical fences cannot. Dogs cannot climb or jump over, or dig underneath this fence. It allows you to keep your dog in your yard, without blocking your view.

Even dogs that resist training respond well to this system. With 4 higher-intensity settings, these harmless electrical stimulations work so effectively that most dogs will learn to stop in their tracks at the sounds of the early warning tone before any stimulation. Plus, its vibration option is ideal for hearing-impaired or senior dogs!

Easy to install, this pet fence is a breeze to set up. And we make it easy to train your dog so he understands his new boundaries in just a few days. With this PetSafe Fence - Your Pet Will Stay Safe!

Cut Your Pet Fence Installation Time in HALF & Avoid The Task of Burying Wire. Use Our "Pet Fence Staples" to Install Your Underground Fence - Above Ground! Learn About Above Ground Pet Fence Installation.


  • Transmitter with Power Adapter
  • Stubborn Dog Receiver Collar with Battery
  • 500 Feet of Wire and 50 Training Flags - Enough to enclose 1/3 Acre
  • Owners Manual

This Pet Fence Kit includes everything you need to contain one pet in a yard up to 1/3 acre. With additional wire and flags and dog fence collars, you can enclose up to 10 acres in size and contain an unlimited number of pets.

How Much Wire Do You Need?

  • 1/3 Acre - 500 Feet (Included with this dog fence)
  • 1 Acre - 1000 Feet
  • 2 - 3 Acres - 1500 Feet
  • 4 - 5 Acres - 2000 Feet
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Product Reviews

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  1. Daisy is here to stay

    Posted by Judy Jones on Apr 13th 2012

    The product is great and gives us a sense of security. Our 70 pound boxer, Daisy, was almost 2 years old when we rescued her. We think she was a run-away but that is behind her now, thanks to ourzapping fence. Her training took 2 days. Thank you -- she is too precious to lose.

  2. Tamed our high-strung pup

    Posted by Shorthair on Apr 13th 2012

    After our sixteen year old German shorthair passed, we got another one. At 6 months, even after long runs in the nearby gamelands, he would bolt from the yard, taking off and returning 15-30 minutes later. This fence worked like a charm. It only took him about a week to get totally used to it and we haven't had a problem since. It was easy to install and works great!

  3. Peace of mind and dogs are free at last!

    Posted by lab Lover on Apr 13th 2012

    We have 2 Labs and live on a small acreage in a rural neighborhood. Recently more homes have been built nearby which created a situation requiring us to keep our dogs "fenced in". Our dogs are friendly and love people and were beginning to roam further and further away and some of the new neighbors didn't care for our dogs intrusion on their property. Finally, we decided to try the Radio Fence and collar. In brief, it's the best thing we could have done for our dogs and our peace of mind. We installed the system ourselves and ran about 1500 feet of wire which covers about one acre. The hardest part is digging the small trench to lay the wire in. Instructions say you don't have to but I felt more comfortable sinking it about an inch and a half. The rest of the installation is a breeze. Followed the instructions for training the dogs and within 3 days that was it. One of the dogs only took one day and never crossed the line again. The little white marker flags are crucial for training purposes. Be sure your dog sees the flags and then follow the training instructions. My dogs haven't had to be in a closed fence since we got the system. We've had it about six months and no longer have to worry about the dogs at night, when we're away or any time when they're outside. One more tip: If your fence crosses your driveway and you are taking your dog somewhere in your vehicle, be sure and remove the collar before you leave. Might get a bit exciting in the vehicle for a bit if you forget!! Thanks Radio Fence!

  4. Absolutely Fantastic!

    Posted by Coop228 on Mar 26th 2012

    After Lasik eye surgery, this fence is the best money I have ever spent. No more worries of where my dogs are. They are in the yard. Period. I have 5.5 acres fenced and love it. Have had it for 3 years. Worst problem is with this much wire, if there is a problem it is hard to find. I would absolutely buy it again. The peace of mind is well worth it.

  5. I should have done this years ago

    Posted by Happy Harley on Mar 26th 2012

    My North NJ install had a few considerations: wooded, rocky terrain; cornering around a large fenced pool with significant power; crossing an asphalt drive. I put the wire in a hose, shallow trenched what I could just to hide the hose and ran the rest along the rocks and tree roots.

    Pay attention to the cornering and power cautions when you plan your work and you will have an easy, first attempt, installation.

    A very long hair / thick coat German Shepard is completely trained, happily exercised and safe. The original battery will soon be 7 months old.

  6. Great product. Did the job.

    Posted by Jimmy on Mar 5th 2012

    I have a Lab. He runs hard and it stopped him from leaving the yard.The collar could be better. All in all it is the best Radio fence on the market that I have tried.

  7. "Wheels n the fenc

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 3rd 2012

    "I have a very very active young coonhound.Without the stubborn dog fence, Wheels would follow his nose and be long gone!!! This one product that does wonders for me.
    Melvin Heffley

  8. *** AWESOME - Could not live WITHOUT it!

    Posted by Jeremiah on Jan 23rd 2012

    I have two adult siberian huskies and it works great with them! We have 2 acres worth of wire and I use the stubborn dog collars. We got the fence when they were 6 months - 12 months old and we trained them in during that time period. We have been using it for 4 years now and it has worked almost flawless. My opinion is that a product such as this will work with almost ANY dog given you spend the time training them on the system and not just expecting them to figure it out.

    We have 2 systems, 1 at home, 1 at the lake, my in-laws have one, and various sets of cousins have them and they all agree that this product is phenomenal!

    I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone seeking a containment solution.

  9. Works great

    Posted by Happy with fence on Jan 23rd 2012

    This fence works great, wouldn't go without it. We enclosed about 15 acres, and have 2 dogs. Our German Shepherd took 2 times around the fence to figure it out and she won't cross it. Our other dog took a couple more times, but she finally got it. I would definately recommend this fence.

  10. Gate way to Freedom

    Posted by Frog on Jan 23rd 2012

    This product has given me so much happiness for my dog and me. I have been using for about eight months. It is a great product and it really works. I have never been so happy and excited about a fence for my dogs. I just open the door and they can run on our four acres of land with no issues. I have extremly happy dogs.

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