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PetSafe Yard and Park Training Collar

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Looks good and feels good in your hand. Best of all, It Works! The Yard and Park Training Collar is safe, comfortable and effective for all pets over 8 pounds.

With a 400-yard range, this taining collar lets you unleash your canine cohort and let him roam while you retain complete control. A great collar and the ideal way to get your dog to quit chasing cars, digging up the garden, barking at the postal worker, or jumping on guest.

The waterproof transmitter and receiver/collar are built to last, withstanding years of outdoor use amidst harsh elements. Plus, with it's rechargeable Ni-MH batteries with the included charger, this system offers plenty of runtime and years of reliable power.


  • For dogs 8 pounds and up / 6" - 28" neck
  • Range up to 400 yards
  • 8 levels of correction
  • Tone-only mode gets your dog's attention with a beep
  • Waterproof remote and receiver collar
  • Good/low battery indicator
  • Collar and remote use rechargeable NiMH batteries (included)
  • Owners Manual
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Product Reviews

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  1. This dog trainer is well worth the $$$.

    Posted by Owner who wants a well-behaved dog. on Oct 13th 2011

    I only had to actually shock Lilly a couple times. She is well behaved now even when the collar is on but not actually turned on. She knows her boundaries in our yard and is able to be out loose while we are in the yard working etc. or alone if she is just out to do her business and come back in. She won't leave the yard even if her ball happens to roll off our property.

  2. Used on a Jack Russell Terrier

    Posted by Emma the Jack Russell Terrier on Oct 13th 2011

    We have a jack russell terrier that would run out of the house, into the street, down the street, and after anyone outside, anytime the door opened. She is super fast and hard to keep inside. We put this collar on her, shocked her ONE time before she stopped doing this. With the collar on, I can leave the door open and just tell her "NO" and she does not run out. She knows when she does and does not have the collar on. When it is not on her, she does test her limits a bit more, but all I have to do is show her the collar and tell her "NO" and she chills out. I LOVE that I can use the warning beeps with out having to shock her. We rarely have to shock her since we can use the warning beeps! LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!

  3. Dog Training Collar

    Posted by Steve on Oct 13th 2011

    "our basset likes to eat the other dogs waste. as soon as she approaches the waste i give her a beep and that is usually enough to stop her, if not we spray her with the citrus and that makes her run.

    the battery last about 3-4 days before we rechg. hopefully she will grow out of this problem and we can put the collar away.

    one issue is our dog has a lot of skin and fur under her neck so we have to leave the collor real lose on her so the spray doesn't just go on her fur."

  4. love the collar!

    Posted by dave on Oct 13th 2011

    I bought the collar online [...] I have a large Doberman who's very gentle, however was getting into the habbit of running away and then not letting me catch him. It became a serious issue when he was nearly run over by an SUV. After that, I went onto a routine where I would just never allow him to be outside without a leash since I don't have a fenced yard. Obviously this wore thin after about 2 weeks when I was having to let him out at 3 or 4 in the morning and it was -30 degrees celsius. I became very tired of having to wake up, get dressed for the weather, and then come back inside, undress and jump back into bed for 2 hours until I had to get up for work. I needed to be able to trust him outside without me supervising. I got this collar and immediatetly taught my dog to simply come to me when he hears the beep. After 1 week, he was at my feet the second he hears the beeps. I can now let him outside at any time, and he comes as soon as I call him, or as soon as he hears a beep and knows a shock's coming next. I could not let him off the leash without this collar, and I love the collar because I don't have to go outside everytime my dog needs to pee now. Worth the investment in my opinion, Cheers. Dave

  5. Tone does the trick

    Posted by Puggle Mom on Oct 13th 2011

    I bought this collar to help keep my puggle from stealing food from my children... she is not aggressive, but is def a food hound.... the collar works great with her. I have only had to use the tone and it seems to do the trick (but she does know when she is not wearing it). We also use the collar when we take her out of our yard... we have the inground fece so this collar works great because I can tone her when I call her and she usually comes right back because she is used to the tone on the fence that tells her she is going too far (she knows next is a zap and she avoids that at all cost). Overall a good investment for us.

  6. didn't take long

    Posted by Jim on Oct 13th 2011

    My sheperd like to chase everything and forgot about where she;s at. I got this training collar and now i call her she comes right away .Before i had the collar she wouldn't listen but after about 2 or 3 shocks I didn't need the pins anymore. She needs to be reminded with the beeper from time to time but thats all I need ..works great wish I had it years ago ,,thanks

  7. Excellent & Compact

    Posted by Lily's mommy on Oct 13th 2011

    This is a great tool, love the versatility of settings. Prongs could be longer though - I need to shave the neckhair on my dog to ensure continuous contact. Batteries could last a little longer. If you leave the collar on all day like I do.

  8. Very Impressed

    Posted by Lynny on Oct 13th 2011

    I have found this product to be most effective without having to use the shock, just the tone. My Bichon/Shihtzu puppy has responded so well to this product. I would definitely recommend it and have had others who witnessed the transformation very impressed with the results.

  9. Love it!

    Posted by Robyn on Oct 13th 2011

    I bought this product so that I could hike with my dog off-leash without fear he would wander and chase a critter or another dog. My dog has had excellent obedience training and is very well behaved, but at only 15 months old his desire to go play with another dog on the hiking trail was sometimes stronger than his desire to listen to a recall command. Now with the collar, he can run back and forth and all around while we hike and he gets so much more excercise compared with being leashed! I have had the collar several months now and have only had to shock him twice. He usually doesn't even need a warning beep now, he just obeys. The only thing I would change is that the remote doesn't have an on/off switch and the buttons could accidently be pushed if in your pocket, but I just keep the remote on the enclosed string and slip-knot it to my beltloop.

  10. Great dog training device

    Posted by Marv on Oct 13th 2011

    Good functionality, Good quality. Well planned. Was great tool for training my four year old adopted Dalmation. Highly recommend it. Suggest changing collar to snap type in place of the buckle type to facilitate putting on and removing from dog.

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