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Have you considered purchasing a wireless dog fence? If so, read on to learn the top 8 reasons why wireless dog fences are awesome.

While a cat may seem more naturally agile than your pet dog, you may be surprised to learn that many dogs can scale impossibly high fences and walls.

This reality is the cause of much worry and heartbreak for pet owners who regularly deal with runaway pups. While not all dog breeds may be as agile, is this a risk you'd want to take as a pet owner anyway?

This is where a wireless dog fence takes center stage and is the ultimate solution for your pet owner woes.

If you're worried about the safety of your pup when you're not home, here's how a wireless dog fence can put your mind at ease.

How Exactly Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

A wireless dog fence is exactly what it says on the ''carton''. It involves little wiring but no poles, hammering, digging, painting or nailing.

Instead, a wireless fence isn't really a fence at all, but a radio device that emits a signal around itself and the perimeter of your home.

The radio device is simply plugged into an outlet in your home and is connected to a specialized dog collar that your pup wears. The radio signal is detected by a device chipped into the collar.

As soon as your dog approaches the circular perimeter of your home, the collar lets off a sound signal which stops your furry friend in their tracks.

The range of the wireless fence and its devices depends on how it's set up, but generally, it varies anywhere from 10-150 feet. Some wireless dog fences cover a range of multiple acres too.

But, what about if your dog ignores the sound and carries on anyway? Which is quite likely to happen without dog training.

The collar emits a mild electric stimulation, also known as static correction. This stimulation is in no way painful. It's just enough stimulation to surprise your dog and deter them from moving any further past the perimeter.

Here are some benefits to installing a wireless dog fence.

1. Simple to Install

When it comes to ''fencing'' your property, nothing is simpler than a wireless dog fence. All you need to do is plug in the radio transmitter in your home, establish a suitable range for your pet and that's about it.

Other than this, you'll need to make an effort to train your dog to respond to the collar once set is complete. But as a responsible dog owner, this shouldn't be too much effort!

2. No Need to Pay for Expert Installation

The installation of your wireless dog fence is completely free. There's no need to call out the experts and fork out unnecessary funding on the setup.

Excluding the amount you pay for the device and the dog collar, you can save big on not having to dig holes, buy fencing parts, and paint etc.

To add to this, there are no upkeep or maintenance costs either unlike traditional fences which can rack up your bill over several years.

3. You Can Keep Your View

Some breeds of dog require the extension of a fence to the point that your entire view is completely blocked off. This is not the case with a wireless dog fence because it's completely invisible.

There's no need to keep extending and adding onto a 12-foot wired fence to contain your energetic terrier either. The wireless dog fence does all the hard work for you!

4. The Fence is Portable

Yep, that right! A wireless dog fence can be transported with you wherever you please. Going on a camping trip? Keep your pup in place with a portable wireless dog fence around your campsite.

Simply set up the radio device inside your campervan or tent, set your perimeter around your campsite and your dog is no bother to fellow campers.

The same goes for visiting family or friends in a new town or unfamiliar neighborhood for your pup. A change in environment can be unsettling for dogs and spur on their running away.

The wireless dog fence can be set up in any environment and keep your dog safe by your side.

5. Pair a Wireless Fence With a Physical Fence

If you already have a physical fence around the perimeter of your property, this is no big deal. There's no need to go tearing it down!

Simply set up your wireless dog fence perimeter to meet up with your physical fence and your dog will soon learn their boundaries.

6. All Parts Are Extremely Durable

All parts of a wireless dog fencing system are highly durable and able to withstand almost any environment.

They can be set up in climates with extreme temperature changes, in any room in your home- garage or basement- and are also water and lightning proof!

7. Assign Multiple Dogs To the System

More than one dog can be added to your wireless fencing system, including your neighbor's pesky, inquisitive pups! As long as your dog(s) wear the correct collar, they can all be trained to learn the boundaries of your property.

To add to this, some wireless fencing systems also allow you to extend your perimeter into a neighboring yard, ideal for farm life or country living.

8. Wireless Fencing is Far More Affordable

This goes without saying, a wireless fencing system is far more affordable than setting up a traditional physical fence.

For starters, you save on not having to purchase building materials or spend on labor, installation and maintenance costs.

As the technology of wireless fencing becomes more developed over time, manufacturers are able to pass on these savings to you.

Keep Your Pup in Place with a Wireless Dog Fence

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