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 Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS Dog Training Collar For Two Dogs
Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS Dog Training Collar For Two Dogs

Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS Dog Training Collar For Two Dogs

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  • EXPANDABLE HANDSFREE: Pair up to 14 HANDSFREE SQUARES to one transmitter for optimal performance in a diverse range of training scenarios. Instead of carrying your transmitter, you can strap the HANDSFREE SQUARE around your wrist, palm, or fingers to operate remotely. The HANDSFREE SQUARE provides discreet control to direct training association towards the trainer and freedom to multitask in your training.
  • 2-DOG SYSTEM: The 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS now provides you the flexibility and convenience of working with two dogs. Two dogs can be discreetly controlled with the compact HANDSFREE SQUARES. The 1902S receivers are sleek and slim, which allows the strap to wrap around the receiver and your dog’s neck seamlessly. Its ergonomic design comfortably fits on your dog, making it a versatile choice for all occasions, whether for indoor or outdoor activities.
  • 3/4-MILE RANGE: The range of this 2-dog training e-collar system is perfect for simple to complex training commands for your dog. With a range of ¾-mile, this e-collar is perfect for serious obedience, hunting, and K-9 training and suited for dogs as small as 35 lbs.
  • IPX9K WATERPROOF: The 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS come with two durable receivers that are IPX9K waterproof, which means it has passed the International Protection Marking system tests. Products are verified if they can withstand a close-range high-pressure liquid spray from 4 angles (pressure of 80-100 bars and a temperature of 176°F). The HANDSFREE SQUARE is not waterproof.*
  • CORRECTIONS: This e-collar has two different correction types. The first correction type is a Nick (quick ½-second) and the second correction type is a Constant correction (up to 12 seconds). The e-collar also has a HPP (High Performance Pager) which offers a clear vibration to alert dogs while training. Find the right fit for you and your dog with this dynamic e-collar.

Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS 2-Dog System

3/4-Mile Range Rechargeable IPX9K Waterproof Remote Dog Training E-Collar with Expandable HANDSFREE SQUARES

The Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS now features a Dogtra HANDSFREE SQUARE, which allows you to control a transmitter discreetly and remotely. You can instantly access different functions at your fingertips and use the 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS for a diverse range of training scenarios. Each HANDSFREE SQUARE can be paired to different functions and allows many users to access any feature, at any time within 33 feet of the transmitter. A replaceable coin lithium CR2032 battery is included. With comfort and safety in mind, the 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS features an ergonomic receiver shaped to the dog’s neck. It has an IPX9K waterproof rating which makes the 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS ready for the most demanding training conditions.


The Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS is a 2 dog training system which includes 2 expandable HANDSFREE SQUARES, 2 high output receivers, and a 3/4-mile range transmitter. The new expandable HANDSFREE SQUARES can be coded for precise and discreet control for each dog. The transmitter allows you to independently control 2 dogs with Nick, Constant and Pager functions.


The HANDSFREE SQUARE gives you the freedom to multitask and have discreet fingertip control. Built with a flexible strap and intuitive buckle, the HANDSFREE SQUARE can be fastened to your wrist, palm, or fingers. The Nick, Constant, or Pager functions can be coded for you to operate the system remotely.


Pair up to 14 HANDSFREE SQUARES* for remote control to have access to different functions at your fingertips. The 1900S HANDSFREE PLUS can be used for a diverse range of training scenarios through the expandable HANDSFREE SQUARE. *Additional HANDSFREE SQUARES sold separately.

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