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Top 7 Benefits of Using Dog Training Collars
Are you thinking about buying a training collar for your dog? If so, read on to learn the top 7 benefits of using a dog training collar.

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. However, the training methods over those years have varied widely, from none at all to elaborate systems.

In recent years, dog owners have been able to share success stories on the internet and discover which training methods truly work best. For some situations, a dog training collar is the best solution.

Over the years, the most popular dog training methods have moved away from harsh punishments, toward gentler methods that consider the animal's well-being. To some, a dog training collar might seem harsh. But when used correctly, these collars can actually be an effective and humane way to get the results you need.

What are the benefits of using a dog training collar? We've put together the top ones here -- keep reading to learn how a collar can help your dog thrive.

What is a Dog Training Collar?

Dog training collars can also be referred to as e-collars, electronic collars, or shock collars. These collars work to deliver a remote shock to a dog, which helps discourage bad behavior. Sometimes, they can be used alongside wireless fences to deter a dog from going where it doesn't belong.

Some collars can be programmed with a warning that comes before the shock, such as a vibration or beep. After the dog associates the warning with the shock, you may not need to use the shock feature at all.

Because these collars train using an unpleasant deterrent, some people don't like the idea of them. But dog collar training is highly effective and can be gentle. It simply needs to be used correctly.

For example, you should only use a dog training collar on a dog that already knows some simple commands, like "sit." That way, you know that the dog understands the connection between your command and its behavior, and will be able to make a similar connection with the shock.

Now, let's get into the benefits of training your dog with an e-collar.

1. Fixes Behavior From a Distance

Most training methods only work up close. But with these collars, you can also correct your dog's behavior when you're not right next to him or her.

This makes the method ideal for training your dog to respond to off-leash commands. When your dog is off-leash, it's still important to be able to use commands to keep your pet safe. Without a collar, you may not be able to get the behavior you want.

2. Helps When Voice Commands Aren't an Option

Some dogs simply don't respond to verbal commands. Other dogs might not be able to hear them at all. If your dog doesn't do well with verbal commands, a shock collar might be one way to let them know what to avoid.

3. Works When You're Gone

Sometimes, you're not present to give commands. A shock collar will deliver results even when you're gone.

This is important for your dog's safety, as well as for good behavior. For example, a collar combined with an invisible fence can keep your dog from running into a busy street. It can also curb aggressive behaviors or barking. If these things are left unchecked, other people might decide to harm your dog to retaliate.

4. Reduces Aggression

Dogs that show aggressive behavior regularly can pose a threat. They might get into serious trouble, and sometimes, you can be legally required to put them down.

When it comes to aggressive behaviors, gentle training methods may not work. Your dog's aggression might not be his or her fault. It often comes from previous living situations. For example, rescue dogs who have been abused often compensate by becoming aggressive.

It is usually possible to train these dogs so they can live long, happy lives. But aggression needs to be taken seriously and curbed right away. Whether your dog once had abusive owners or had to fight with other dogs as a stray, it's now time for the behavior to stop.

A dog training collar lets you prevent aggression effectively, without putting yourself in harm's way. It also works when you're not around, so your dog gets a clear signal every time it does something aggressive. This prevents dog fights and even worse situations from occurring.

5. Gives Instant Feedback

One of the hardest parts of training a dog is giving them feedback at the right time.

Rewards and punishments need to be given right away, so your dog will know what behavior to associate them with. When you're using other training methods, it can be hard to time things right. A dog training collar gives the information right when it's needed.

6. Doesn't Cost Much

Dog training collars are one of the most affordable training tools you can get. You might be able to save money on dog school and other training investments when you buy an e-collar.

Of course, there is a range of prices. The higher you go, the more features you get. But even a very basic collar can be highly effective if used with the right techniques.

7. Punishment Doesn't Come From You

For most types of training, positive reinforcement works better than punishment. But for behaviors that are absolutely unacceptable, like aggression, you'll need to use punishment sometimes.

When the dog associates the punishment with you, the owner, this can get in the way of your bond, making future training difficult. But when the negative feedback comes from the collar, your dog won't associate it with you. You can punish bad behavior without making your dog afraid of you.

What's the Best Dog Training Collar?

A dog training collar may not be necessary for all pets. But if you need an effective way to deliver gentle punishment, this might be the perfect tool for you.

It's very important that you buy high-quality collars, so they'll work well and can't harm your dog. For a selection of time-tested, quality collars, check out our products.


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