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Cat Feeders

Discover an easier and healthier way to feed your cat. You can't always be there when your cat is hungry. An Automatic Feeder is the fast, easy way to feed your pet.

Now you can feed your pet the right amount, right on time. Automatic feeders deliver each meal at the same time every day and the Healthy Pet Food Station is a gravity feeder that is easy to refill and will alway keep your pet's food bowl full. These pet feeders are dishwasher safe which makes for quick and easy clean-up.

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Petsafe 5-Meal Timed Pet Feeder
Average Rating(53)
Ships Same or Next Business Day
SlimCat Interactive Feeder
Average Rating(5)
Ships Same or Next Business Day
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed
Average Rating(7)
Ships Same or Next Business Day
Healthy Pet Simply Feed Power Adapter
Ships Same or Next Business Day
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