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Why does your dog bark? - Dogs bark. It is part of their normal and natural communication and behavior. Dogs can bark for appropriate and good reasons, such as when strangers approach our house, they hear an odd noise, or they are herding sheep. Most of us want our dogs to be "watch dogs" and alert us to anything unusual. But... Continue reading

Tips for travelling with your dog - Most dogs love to go on an adventure, and traveling with their owners makes it even more fun for everyone! It is in their nature to explore new places and meet new people. However, often traveling with your dog can be difficult. There is the problem of housing and transportation for your dog first and foremost, but even once you get past that issue others arise such as dealing with your dogs mess on the trip and more. Continue reading

The Top 5 Benefits of Adopting a Pet - Are you thinking of getting a new pet? Have you ever considered pet adoption? Adopting a pet is a wonderful option for adding a canine friend into the family. Here are 5 simple reasons why you should choose pet adoption: Continue reading

Danger in your own yard! - Even in a secluded, fenced backyard, your dog's life could be in danger. Many pet owners are unaware of the hidden dangers in their own backyard that could harm, threaten, or even take the life of your four-legged friend. Continue reading

Teaching Your Dog Basic Obedience - When you have decided what you want your dog to learn, think of a command to use for that particular trick. The command can be anything you wish, as long as you will be consistent with the use and as long as the command doesn't too much resemble some other command that your dog already knows. Continue reading...

Can My Dog Have Coconut Oil? - Many of us here at RadioFence.com recently began eating a more healthy diet. We switched almost all of our food to organic, non GMO foods. This got us to wondering if some of the items we use would also be good for our pets. One of the products we use is Coconut oil rather than typical cooking oil. There are many benefits of Coconut oil for people, but what about our pets? Continue reading...

Pet Door Training - Making Your Life Easier - Coming home from the office with a day full of accomplishments makes you want to rest in a comfy couch as a reward for job well done. Upon entering your house you see a pile of pet waste in your expensive Persian carpet and more than a hundred deep scratches in your white door’s paint job.  If you’re having a problem... Continue reading

Learn About Black Labs - Of all of the different types and colors of Labradors, the black Labrador is one of the most popular. Black Labradors are usually solid black in color. They are sleek and graceful looking dogs. They are a large breed of dog and must be taken seriously because... Continue reading

How To Clean Your Dog's Ears - Your dog's ears are different from human ears. Unlike the human ear, a dog's ear has extra turn and length that makes the visibility and medication rather difficult, making your dog susceptible to infections which is one of the most common problems. Continue reading

A Crate is Your Dog's Home - A dog crate should never be used as punishment for your dogs, rather they are a haven. A crate is your dog's private domain that should stand the test of time and provide the need for a shelter, a sleeping area, or a safe... Continue reading

Caring for your dog's teeth - We all know that brushing and flossing is a must if we want to keep all our teeth in our old age. So, what about our dogs? They have teeth too, and they need dental care just like us. Though they don't mind if their teeth aren't the perfect shade of white, they probably do care if their mouth is poorly taken care of and if they suffer later on in life as a result from lack of attention.... Continue reading

Getting the Right Toy - It Can Improve Your Dog's Intelligence - Several toys for dogs are designed to boost their intelligence. For example, the kind that they will only get rewarded for after they have successfully completed certain tasks. These toys can be a very effective method of training your dog, as it's seen as being fun for your dog as well as a means to teaching them... Continue reading