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How Much Time Will It Take To Train My Dog?

It really depends on you and it depends on your dog. Every dog is different and so is every human. However, we have found that if an honest effort is made and the training is consistent most dogs are easily walking on the treadmill within the first week. Each dog treadmill is shipped with easy to follow Training Guidelines to get you and your dog up and running quickly!

If you are uncomfortable with the training process yourself, you may choose to contact one of our recommended training professionals for specific questions about your breed, issues/concerns, and one-on-one training sessions.

Why Buy A Dog Treadmill?

Because Exercise Means a Better Life For You and Your Dog. For years show dog owners, breeders, handlers, dog trainers and veterinarians have used and understood the physical and mental benefits that can be achieved with dog treadmills. They use them for rehab, focusing energy, toning muscles, behavior modification and improving overall vitality. In the past, the only dog treadmills available were big, bulky and expensive. Our goal as a company is to take this little-known training and rehab technique mainstream, so that EVERY dog owner and dog can benefit. Our dog specific treadmills are reasonably priced, durable, portable in design, and best of all – we make them easy for any pet owner to learn to use.

What Size Dog Treadmill Should I Buy?

In addition to the weight of your dog, a gait measurement is very important for selecting the right treadmill; don’t purchase a dog treadmill that is too small and interferes with your dog’s natural gaits, as this can result in injury. Our website provides instruction to help you select the right treadmill for your dog(s).

What If My Dog Won’t Use The Dog Treadmill?

In our experience, and in our discussions with other trainers and dog treadmill professionals, we have found that generally speaking, all dogs can learn to walk on a treadmill. If a dog has a problem learning to walk on a treadmill it is usually because the time spent introducing the dog to the treadmill was too short, or the owners did not provide consistent and adequate time training. If you are concerned about whether your dog will use the treadmill we are happy to talk with you, or refer you to a network of trainers that can provide additional treadmill training suggestions. Mostly, it is all in the approach and the energy behind your training that ensures success.

We would like to mention that some dogs with medical conditions or illnesses may not/should not use the treadmill. It is always wise to consult with your veterinarian before beginning any exercise program.

Is The Dog Treadmill Just A Lazy Way To Exercise Your Dog?

If you believe that treadmill exercise for your dog consists of sitting on the couch eating ice cream and watching your favorite TV program, while your dog is tied to the machine behind the couch – then the answer is YES (and shame on you). But, if your life is hectic and you care about getting your dog the regular exercise she needs, if the weather makes it difficult to get outside everyday, if your dog is rehabbing from an injury or surgery, if your dog is overweight, if you own a service dog, you live in a high traffic area, or if you personally are not able to get outside…then a dog treadmill is not a lazy way to exercise your dog. A dog treadmill is a smart choice that can in most cases can help you maintain the health and well-being of your pet without drugs or surgery.

Exercising your dog on a treadmill should be a bonding experience…one that you both enjoy and do together. We believe that being outside with your dog is the best place to be, but we also know through our own personal experiences that it isn’t always possible. Ultimately, it is about the level of commitment you have to keep your dog healthy and happy without resorting to drugs and surgery. For most dogs, a walk around the block once in the morning and once at night is not enough. A dog treadmill allows you to still enjoy your leisurely walks and get your dog the more intense exercise he/she needs. Remember a tired dog is a good and HAPPY dog. 

Should A Dog Treadmill Be The Only Source Of Exercise I Give My Dog?

The dog treadmill provides versatility, control and a mental stimulation that is not always achieved with a leisurely jaunt around the neighborhood, or a game of fetch. It takes mental concentration (focus) to stay on the treadmill and make adjustments to the various speeds. So you will see a noticeable difference in his/her energy after a treadmill workout. That is why so many dog professionals use it in their training/rehab tool kit.

That being said – it should not be the only activity you provide your friend. Dogs still need to get outside and exercise their primal instincts. Would you limit yourself to only one activity over and over again? The goal is a well-adjusted dog. Mix it up – get outside, play fetch games, socialize at the dog park, go swimming, go running. There are many activities you can enjoy with your dog.

Can I Just Use A Human Treadmill?

You can and some do, but they were designed for humans, not dogs. Generally, teaching a dog to use a human treadmill is harder as they do not have dog-specific features, such as side enclosures that help to keep your dog focused and moving forward. The console position is also not ideal, while you are in the initial stages of training. The belts on human treadmills are much wider and in some cases have end caps that stick up and can cause foot injuries if not properly monitored. People treadmills are also not designed to handle the piles of dog hair, dust, slobber or urine that may invade the electronics and sensors. If the treadmill were not serviced frequently the result would be that both you and your dog lose the ability to work out and often will void your warranty. Our electronics are safely tucked away in an external box that is separate from the treadmill. The console is placed conveniently for easy access and control and the various sizes allow you to purchase the right size for your dog to give he/she full range of motion. Human treadmills are not the ideal length for larger dogs much over 60 lbs. and are most often very noisy.

Also, some people in smaller living quarters are not able to accommodate the size of a human treadmill. The Small Dog Treadmill – PZ1701 measures 44”x21”x20”, weighs only 47 lbs., and is very convenient for small spaces. It has a space-saving feature that allows you to rest it on its nose for easy storage and the wheels make it convenient to move on your own. Our larger DogTreads feature a flat folding space-saving design.

Plus, if you are traveling the small doggie treadmill fits in the back seat of a Toyota Corolla or an RV with plenty of room (yes, we have tried this).

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Buying A Dog Treadmill?

The biggest reason is that most people don’t get their dogs the intense exercise they need because their people don’t have enough time and they care about the health and well being of their furry friend.

Over 40% of the nations dogs are overweight (www.petobesityprevention.com) and an average of $800 (source: Veterinary Pet Insurance Statistic from 2006) a year is spent on pet obesity related issues.

Our goal is to help you keep your dog healthy and cut down on the expenses of medical procedures, pills and diet food. We’d like to see more people exercising with their pets. When it isn’t possible to go outside the dog treadmills provide an alternative that is safe and fun for both pets and their people.

Other reasons include: rehab for an injury (ACL repairs), weather conditions, not enough time, crowded dog parks, live in an area that they can’t walk (busy traffic), travel too much, house-bound medical conditions, service dogs, need help to correct behavior, SARDS/Canine Sudden Blindness (www.sardsawareness.org), humane shelter rehabilitation, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

All of our in-stock items ship within 24-48 hours unless a holiday lands during a shipping day. Then the product will be shipped the next business day.