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  • PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer
  • PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer

PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer

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Product Description

Easy to use - And affordable! The PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer makes training a breeze for any budget.

It features a 75 yard range and 12 levels of stimulation and two tone training options. Now you can communicate with your dog and reinforce good behavior off-leash.


  • 75 yard range
  • 12 levels of static correction
  • 2 tone training options
  • Includes:
  • Remote Transmitter
  • Receiver Collar
  • Wrist Strap
  • Test Light Tool
  • (4) 3-volt Lithium Batteries (CR2032)
  • Operating and Training Guide

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Product Reviews

  1. Works great for dogs previously trained on the Petsafe wireless fence 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 25th 2015

    I have been using the Basic Remote Trainer for a couple weeks and my dog has adjusted wonderfully to it, with one exception - the reward/positive 'A' tone. My dog is generally very well behaved. I use this to walk my dog without a leash. In two weeks I have only used the 'B' button, and have not shocked her at all.

    Several years ago I trained my dog on the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System to keep her in the backyard. That product uses a series of beeps as a warning as the dog approaches the boundary line. I haven't used it in several years, because she is trained to stay in the yard. However, I believe because of that wireless fence product, my dog had a bad reaction to the "A" tone in the Remote Trainer. I followed the directions repeatedly: had her sit, gave her a treat, verbally affirmed her behavior, and pushed the 'A' button, however, she became very frightened of the 'A' tone and eventually wouldn't even sit out of fear of the 'A' tone. I would have liked to be able to use the 'A' tone as positive reinforcement, but it just didn't work since she was afraid of it.

    Instead I stopped using 'A' and began using the 'B' tone as a negative warning. Her initial reaction upon hearing the 'B' tone is to get startled and run a 5-6 feet. She is previously trained to come stand/walk next to me on the commands 'come' and 'heel' so I use those and have had good results with the 'B' tone.

    Again, I have not used the shock feature of this collar yet, as I have found that she listens to me more attentively when she has this collar on because of her previous experience with PetSafe training collar products.

  2. Replacement unit, Great product for price 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 27th 2015

    I purchased this as a replacement for the exact same model which is right at a year old. My original review is below dated March 10, 2014. Original still works but plastic over buttons is starting to crack and break away exposing switch below. Don't want to have transmitter fail while walking trails with dog.

    This is only draw back that I would give this unit, hence the 4 star rating. Would like to see more durable rubber cover over button. But a year's worth of reliable performance for under $60, I won't complain. I have see identical unit at "discount chain stores" for $99.

  3. Still Working! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 15th 2014

    I bought this collar to keep my 6month golden doodle from counter surfing, rough play with our older dog, digging , and eating cat poop. So far it is working. I am hoping eventually we will be able to do away with the device. Each day is better. At this point he often just needs a voice command. I do recommend this for anyone training a puppy 6 mo. And older.

  4. Excellent Dog Trainer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 1st 2014

    I have purchased several no bark collars but Pet Safe Trainer is the best. I have a mutt after a few shocks all I do now is just point the remote & it gets his attention. It is worth the money.

  5. Great price on a good product - Home life is much more relaxed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 10th 2014

    purchased this to help train a terrier mix rescue dog that we added to the family. The dog was still having some behavior issues with jumping on people, growling/barking at guests, hyper excited around the family cats and constant lunging on the leash during walks after 3 months in the household.

    I put the collar on the dog around 10 am, working with him as instructed in the included manual, rewarding with the "A" tone which he responded so well to that by the afternoon I started using the "B" tone with the "no" and "down" commands. He already knew the commands he just often chose to ignore me. Walks were much more relaxed. By 7 that evening we had a completely different dog in the house. Not perfect but greatly improved in behavior.

    The system is very lightweight and adjustable. Transmitter case is is unimpressive in construction but works well and consistently. I would recommend it to family for the price.

  6. What a difference! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 7th 2014

    About 5 months ago, my 4 year old Vizsla started to bark & whine as soon as I rattled the feed bowl to prepare her meal. The bad part about this situation is that she "trained" my 4 other dogs to do the same thing! Talk about a loud chorus!. I have tried just about everything to break her of this habit, but to no avail...until I bought the PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer.
    I have used this product for 2 weeks and now I do not need to use the remote. She responds to my verbal commands and now everyone enjoys mealtime!
    A great product.

  7. Works very well!! .. bought another one today for hound..got tired of adjusting collar size for 2 dogs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 10th 2013

    Training a Pit and also a Hound .. Found that after a few corrections with each dog they began to respond every time i spoke. They already knew what commands I was giving they just ignored them .. Now they respond quickly and they feel more secure than me having to use harsh voice control. I just give them a warning tone now and they respond. Been using the trainer for about 2 weeks daily .. Spending about 30 minutes a day working on different commands.