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PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence

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Product Description

Do you have a small dog that likes to roam? We’ve created this in-ground dog fence for your small pal’s safety. It starts with our smallest waterproof receiver-collar, specially designed for greater comfort. This is the only dog fence designed specifically for your small or toy breed dog. No more worrying. No more straying. Just big freedom for those little paws.  Now even the smallest dog can enjoy a PetSafe Underground Fence because the collar is 45% smaller than other fence collars!


  • For dogs 5 pounds and up, or neck sizes 6-16"
  • 4 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Contain multiple pets with these extra collars:
  • Enclose up to 25 acres with additional boundary wire
  • Available with Five Different Wire Gauges:
    • wire-gauge-chart2.jpg20 Gauge Factory Wire
    • 20 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
    • 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
    • 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
    • 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
  • We recommend Heavy Duty Wire in any areas where the wire is installed above ground with our Dog Fence Staples, may experience wear and tear such as rocky conditions or cold weather climates. Learn more.
  • Anti-Linger Prevention
  • Progressive Run Through Prevention
  • Compact, waterproof receiver collar with reflective safety strips
  • Low battery indicator
  • Collar uses PetSafe RFA-188 battery (included)
  • Works with multiple dogs and cats (additional receiver collars required)
  • Compatible with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter

Cut Your Pet Fence Installation Time in HALF & Avoid The Task of Burying Wire. Use Our "Pet Fence Staples" to Install Your Underground Fence - Above Ground! Learn About Above Ground Pet Fence Installation.


  • Transmitter with power adapter
  • Receiver collar with RFA-188 battery
  • Test light tool
  • Operating and training guide
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • 500 feet of wire
  • Wire nuts
  • Gel-filled capsules
  • Mounting bracket
  • Surge protector
  • Owners Manual

This Pet Fence Kit includes everything you need to contain one pet in a yard up to 1/3 acre. With additional wire and flags and dog fence collars, you can enclose up to 25 acres and contain an unlimited number of pets.


Factory Grade Wire

This is the wire included in all self-install kits. Regardless of gauge, this wire is of medium quality, lighter weight and keeps shipping and initial costs down. This wire will work but does not hold up to the elements as well as a professional grade wire. The vinyl wire coating is prone to cracks and over time exposes the copper leaving the wire susceptible to damage. This can cause issues that impact the functionality of your dog fence system. Since finding, digging up, and repairing wire breaks can be a tedious job at best, many people prefer to upgrade to a pro-grade wire from the start.

heavy-duty-wire.jpgHeavy Duty Grade Wire

The initial cost of heavy duty grade wire is a bit more than manufacturer grade wire. However, there are many benefits to choosing heavy duty wire for your dog fence. Heavy Duty grade dog fence wire holds up better to freezing conditions, sunlight exposure, contraction and expansion of the ground, water exposure and general wear and tear. The long term savings in time and replacement if you are planning on staying in your home for at least a year or more, makes the heavier duty wire a much better investment.

How Much Wire Do You Need?

Acres Feet of Wire
1/3 500
1/2 700
1 1000
2 1400
3 1700
4 2000
5 2200
6 2400
7 2600
8 2800
9 3000
10 3200
12 3500
14 3700
16 4000
18 4200
20 4500
25 5000

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Product Reviews

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  1. Kitchen zone 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 7th 2015

    could not be satisfied more. I setup the radio fence inside my house, to keep my two little 8lbs in the kitchen. installation was easy, so was the training.

  2. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 1st 2015

    Excellent product. I highly recommend it. Radio Fence has excellent customer service. Product comes with free technical support.

  3. Frustrated 2 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 26th 2015

    I highly recommend before you go to the trouble burying wire, test the fence transmitter device first. Be sure that it works properly! It took me 2 days to bury the wire. When the it came time to power the fence transmitter on, the power light lit and the loop alarm sounded. I followed the troubleshooting instructions and used an Ohm meter to test the loop. The loop is fine. The problem is in the fence transmitter. Out of box failure! Great. Now I get to play the return game to get the transmitter fixed or replaced. Wonder if Customer Service will authorize two day delivery to send and return the transmitter at their expense.

  4. Still new system 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 18th 2014

    I am satisfied so far. The system works as advertised. I'm going by the owner's manual suggestions for the training. I have a hyperactive small dog that is learning quickly.

  5. BEST PRICE 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 4th 2014

    I looked all over and found this to be the place with the best price. The product is very good but the instructions could be better written. Ordering on line was great and had no problems at all. Will recomend them to everyone looking for pet supplys.

  6. Yes, but... 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 22nd 2014

    It looks like a great product...and we ordered it in order to get a smaller collar for our little 12-pounder to wear....BUT when we began to read how to install it, we realized that with underground utilities coming into our house plus our sprinkler system run by electrical wires we could not get far enough away from the underground electrical wires that we had so that this product would run properly...Pet Safe Technician confirmed that. Wish we had known from reading reviews! Wasted our time and our money to return the product. We like our Pet Safe wireless OK, so just reordered a new collar for that.

  7. Keeps Dogs In Yard 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 5th 2014

    We have a large yard with a 6 foot wrought iron fence and a dog who squeezes through the fence pickets. We bought 4' plastic fencing and attached it to the wrought iron fence and still the dog learned how to jump the 4' fence and squeeze through. We got the in-ground fence and instead of burying the wire we attached it to the top and bottom of the iron fence to form the loop (per included instructions for optional fencing installation). Works great! Our dog doesn't go near the fence anymore and we feel relieved in knowing our little guy is safe and sound in his own yard.

  8. best and only small collar for small dog! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 4th 2013

    Couldn't be more satisfied. Its a lot of work to install. Rented an edger and that worked for most of the yard. Used a hoe for some too. But its well worth the effort! We are using it with our Pomeranian and he is a little live wire, but with only the 2nd or 3rd setting he's been trained very well with only a few corrections. Now as soon as he hears the "beep" he scurries back to where he belongs! Excellent product. I love the small collar. With the Pomeranians thicker fur you can't even tell at first look that he's wearing a collar! I'm sure it would work great with larger dogs too.

  9. No Lost dogs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 13th 2013

    Works great, takes a few days for them to get use to it but it really works. Our 2 yorkies are very safe and have the run of the front and rear yards.

  10. Relief for small dogs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 25th 2013

    I have always wanted my two dogs (Maltese yorkie and Maltese shi tzu) to be able to free run outside but was so terrified they would run into the road or the fields behind our house. I was told that most electric fences were not designed for smaller dogs and could permanently damage or kill your pet when they get shocked. So once I found this product it is needless to say I was excited and relieved. The great reviews here convinced me to give the product a try and I am so happy I did.

    Within a week my two dogs both learned the boundaries and now only need the tone to remind them to back up. It is so great to enjoy the warm weather and see them run around and explore without having to worry about them getting lost. I definitely recommend this for any small dog owners who are looking for an electric fence for their dogs. The collar has five different settings for the static correction so that the smallest or most timidest and the more outgoing dogs can both be trained to stay inside the boundry. It is an all day project to put it in but, in my opinion, the fence has already paid itself in the sheer joy my dogs have.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 28 | Next