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  • PetSafe Deluxe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence (PIG00-10777)
  • PetSafe Deluxe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence With Heavy Duty Wire
  • PetSafe Stubborn Dog Invisible Fence
  • Dog Fence Wire Gauge chart

PetSafe Deluxe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

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Product Description

Do you have a hyper hound who is hard to train? The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Underground Fence is quick and easy to install, reliable and safe, and a very effective solution.


  • For dogs 15 pounds and up
  • Four levels of stimulation plus vibration
  • Waterproof Collar
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • Collar uses common 9 volt battery
  • wire-gauge-chart2.jpgCovers up to 25 acres with additional wire and flags (sold separately)
  • Available with Five Different Wire Gauges:
    • 20 Gauge Factory Wire
    • 20 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
    • 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
    • 16 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
    • 14 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire
  • We recommend Heavy Duty Wire in any areas where the wire is installed above ground with our Dog Fence Staples, may experience wear and tear such as rocky conditions or cold weather climates. Learn more.
  • Contain more pets with these collars:
  • Omni-Directional Signal
  • Operates Multiple Collars
  • Adjustable Correction Zone
  • Wire Break Alarm
  • Collar Fail-Safe
  • Compatible with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar has four levels of correction plus vibration in the warning area for an added deterrent. Even dogs that resist training respond well to this system. With 4 higher-intensity settings, these harmless electrical stimulations work so effectively that most dogs will learn to stop in their tracks at the sounds of the early warning tone before any stimulation. Plus, its vibration option is ideal for hearing-impaired or senior dogs!

Some dogs were born to test limits. But the Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence system sets firm boundaries that you’ll quickly train them to understand. Here’s how it works. You’ll set the boundary by burying wires around the perimeter of your yard. Your dog wears a collar that picks up the signal from the transmitter. As your dog nears the boundary wires, a beep alerts your dog, giving them a chance to stop without any correction. For those that continue, a safe static correction reminds them to stay in the area you’ve established. Simply adjust the correction level if your dog continues to test the boundaries. After about 2 weeks of training, even the most stubborn dogs can start enjoying their new yard freedom! And for hearing-impaired or senior dogs who simply can’t detect the beep, there’s a special vibration mode. Your furry friends will certainly thank you for the extra help in keeping them safe!

Cut Your Pet Fence Installation Time in HALF & Avoid The Task of Burying Wire. Use Our "Pet Fence Staples" to Install Your Underground Fence - Above Ground! Learn About Above Ground Pet Fence Installation.


  • Transmitter with power adapter
  • Stubborn Dog collar with 9-Volt alkaline battery
  • Lightning Protection Module
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • 500 feet of wire
  • Wire nuts
  • Gel-filled capsules
  • Test light tool
  • Owners Manual

This Pet Fence Kit includes everything you need to contain one pet in a yard up to 1/3 acre. With additional wire and flags and dog fence collars, you can enclose up to 10 acres and contain an unlimited number of pets.


Factory Grade Wire

This is the wire included in all self-install kits. Regardless of gauge, this wire is of medium quality, lighter weight and keeps shipping and initial costs down. This wire will work but does not hold up to the elements as well as a professional grade wire. The vinyl wire coating is prone to cracks and over time exposes the copper leaving the wire susceptible to damage. This can cause issues that impact the functionality of your dog fence system. Since finding, digging up, and repairing wire breaks can be a tedious job at best, many people prefer to upgrade to a pro-grade wire from the start.

heavy-duty-wire.jpgHeavy Duty Grade Wire

The initial cost of heavy duty grade wire is a bit more than manufacturer grade wire. However, there are many benefits to choosing heavy duty wire for your dog fence. Heavy Duty grade dog fence wire holds up better to freezing conditions, sunlight exposure, contraction and expansion of the ground, water exposure and general wear and tear. The long term savings in time and replacement if you are planning on staying in your home for at least a year or more, makes the heavier duty wire a much better investment.

How Much Wire Do You Need?

Acres Feet of Wire
1/3 500
1/2 700
1 1000
2 1400
3 1700
4 2000
5 2200
6 2400
7 2600
8 2800
9 3000
10 3200
12 3500
14 3700
16 4000
18 4200
20 4500
25 5000

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 20th 2011

    Once my dog had a taste of life outside our fence, there was no stopping him from digging a new hole - almost every day. After installing the wire at the base of the fence (couple of hours total,) my problem was solved. Now, Wilbur doesn't even try to go by the fence - even when he is not wearing his collar.

  2. love this fence 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 19th 2011

    We have a German Short-haired pointer who lives to hunt and chase birds. He runs like a race horse, and it is funny to watch him run from one end of the yard, about 1/2 acre, to the other at full throttle and come to a screeching halt. The other thing I like is that is takes a basic 9volt, easy to get, battery. Those specialty, expensive, hard to find batteries are a pain.

  3. Great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 19th 2011

    I purchased this fence to keep my two German Shepherds in the yard and I absolutely love it. It was easy to install and very effective. I didn't have a lot of time to train so I pretty much put the fence up and the collars on the dogs and put them outside. I have had the fence for about 10 months and my dogs have not jumped the fence since I installed it. Can't say anything bad about this product.

  4. Nice Fence 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 13th 2011

    This fence works well for me. It is adjustable in width and the collars feature adjustable "strength" so each of my dogs' can have its' own appropriate setting.

  5. unbelievable! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 6th 2011

    I have a 6 month old border collie that is very smart, was told by friends that this wouldn't work for him, boy were they wrong! This thing is the best possible safety device for your loved pet that you could invest in! Follow training schedule so your dog won't mistake what is happening and bingo no fears of letting fido run the two acres! My collie can go out without the collar and dosent even test the parimeter anymore, he knows excactly were it is, awsome product!

  6. Our lab stays home 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 30th 2011

    our lab is a born hunter with nose to the ground and before Radio fence, was where she wasn't suppose to be. Since learning suprisingly quickly where here boundries are and when we can out of them, she has wondered the yard and always stoped well before the boundries. Only 9 mo. old and well into fetch and training for ducks as we live at a lake. It is really nice to be able to work her with out fear. Thanks Radio Fence

  7. PERFECTION 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 21st 2011

    This product worked as advertised. My Boxer likes to jump fences. This put a stop to the problem. The dog will not go near the fence now. Works great!

  8. Great Product-keeps three labs and boxer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 21st 2011

    Have two of these; one for home and one for cottage. Work great for keeping pets in our yard.

  9. Good product!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 15th 2011

    This product is really good... it keeps the dog from leaving the house and going out on the streets. Not only that but keeps the dog where ever you want him to be.

  10. Best system yet 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 15th 2011

    intend to try wireless @ 2nd home

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