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  • PetSafe Yard and Park Shock Collar Transmitter and Collar
  • PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Training Collar
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  • PetSafe Yard and Park Shock Collar Transmitter and Collar

PetSafe Yard and Park Training Collar

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Product Description

Looks good and feels good in your hand. Best of all, It Works! The Yard and Park Training Collar is safe, comfortable and effective for all pets over 15 pounds.

With a 400-yard range, this taining collar lets you unleash your canine cohort and let him roam while you retain complete control. A great collar and the ideal way to get your dog to quit chasing cars, digging up the garden, barking at the postal worker, or jumping on guest.

The waterproof transmitter and receiver/collar are built to last, withstanding years of outdoor use amidst harsh elements. Plus, with it's rechargeable Ni-MH batteries with the included charger, this system offers plenty of runtime and years of reliable power. Train two dogs at once by adding the Yard and Park Trainer Add-A-Dog Collar.


  • For dogs 8 pounds and up / 6" - 28" neck
  • Range up to 400 yards
  • 8 levels of correction
  • Train up to 2 Dogs by adding a collar (Sold Separately) Item PAC00-12159
  • Tone-only mode gets your dog's attention with a beep
  • Waterproof remote and receiver collar
  • Good/low battery indicator
  • Collar and remote use rechargeable NiMH batteries (included)
  • Owners Manual

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Product Reviews

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  1. Perfect 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 19th 2013

    I researched a good shock collar for a month before purchasing this. When I found this I thought it was to good to be true. I couldn't find anything else with the long range and waterproof for near this price. I bought it and had it within a few days and I live in Alaska! Been using it for a month and taking my dog swimming. Works great! I also have only had to shock my dog a few times as the negative tone works great to correct her behavior!

  2. Bad behavior is gone! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 19th 2013

    This training collar works very well. There is no delay in getting the controller to turn on and send the signal to the collar like some on ebay. That is important because you need to send the correction while the bad habit is happening to get it to stop. My dog would jump on everyone and would not stop. After just a few corrections this bad habit is gone.

  3. The doggie taser... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 11th 2013

    So I bought this for my sister, she has a golden pup that does the whole grab stuff then run away/play thing that's hard to break because when the doggie DOES come back... you can't scold them. Working GREAT, in fact after only a few uses the dog is almost broken of the issues. Great tool for remote training!

    Tale of caution:
    I charged it up to try myself... set it at the lowest level and held it in my hand. No way I'm gonna shock a dog with something I cant handle right???
    I pushed the button... lame... only a tingle, so I'm thinking, "Great, this is gonna be as useful as a windowscreen umbrella..."

    So I immediately set it to the highest level... let out a big sigh about how dumb it was to buy this ... I pushed the button.

    BLLLAAAAAMMMMM I've yet to be tased for real, but I sure hope it's not much worse than this! My arm shook violently and I involuntarily dropped the collar (the thing is quite robust) to the ground! (sadly, yes I do speak from experience... I'm not the smartest person sometimes... thus this tale).
    From now on... I'll sit when I'm told to!!!

    On a serious note, this is a good product. Would probably stop a rabid pitbull chasing a squirrel... I'd also hold off on the top level until that exact scenario presents itself.

    Happy with the purchase, good thing it has levels from hey dog I'm talking to you... all the way to BLAM!

  4. Love It! Gives my dog freedom. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 10th 2013

    I would like to encourage anyone on the fence about the remote collars. I purchased the shock collar for my 7 mth old pup, and he absolutely loves the freedom it has given him. I love it because the one time he took off, I warned and then zapped him at about 400 Yds., and he turned right around. Haven't shocked him since. I just tone him and he is looking for my orders.

  5. Used with care this an effective training tool 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 10th 2013

    On the right dog (confident and willful but not aggressive) this is a great tool for remotely correcting behavior that could harm your dog, such as coprophagia (danger of worms or diseases from foxes etc.) or chasing. If used correctly and humanely, the dog quickly learns to respond to only the device's sounds - and your voice - and you never have to use the shocker. In off leash situations (retrieving/hunting) its great for getting your dog's attention when distracted or too far away for voice alone to be effective. It works best when emphasis is placed on using the "good" beep as a clicker and only using the "bad" beep when essential.
    This product is robust. I have had problems with several spray collars by the same company, which generally lasted a week. So far this one has stood up to the rough play a young dog engages in at a dog park. Although I remove it for swimming/water retrieving, it has been fine with an occasional unplanned dip in the lake. BE SURE TO LOWER THE SHOCK LEVEL TO THE LOWEST WHEN YOUR DOG IS WET.
    My dog has become so responsive to the sounds, that I use the smaller, lighter spray collar (sprayer is broken) all the time now, and then mostly as a clicker for good behavior such as "checking in" voluntarily, a good heel, a quick response to a command and a recall.

  6. Quality Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 19th 2013

    I have only had this product a couple of weeks but compared to another collar I purchased, this one is of high quality and works very well. I wish I would have spent the money and bought this one first!

  7. Great Investment 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 25th 2012

    We rescued a Boxer/Shar Pei .....Buster is 9/mts, we rescued him when he was 4/mts old. He has been a blessing, wonderful in so many ways, however we have been taking him to the off leash dog park almost daily, we were having troubles with him running off & not heeling. I also walk him daily with the pinch collar ...which works great too !! However,the Trainer Collar got delievered yesturday & we have only used it for a total of 2 hrs...& have already saw amazing results in so many ways, only using the tone setting & the shock like twice which is only on the 2nd setting !! For being so hesitant, I am so gratful I purchased this collar. I would highly recommend for any stubborn dog & u won't be disappointed :) Thanks Radio Fence ~ Your shipping & customer service have been phenomenal~

  8. Unbelieveable results!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 5th 2012

    We have a four year old rescue dog, mixed breed that was traumatized in the shelter. She was overprotective of her space, jumped up on guests and couldn't be off the leash because she would run off. She is the most loveable dog we have ever had. We took her to obedience training to no avail, got a thunder jacket, (worked just slightly) then out of sheer desperation we purchased PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Training Collar, the results are simply amazing. Sarah doesn't exhibit any of the previously mentioned traits. We only shocked her 4 times and now just have to remind her with the tone on occasion. GREAT PRODUCT.

  9. Best Buy Ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 5th 2012

    We have a St. Bernard that is very active and very social. She likes to visit with people and and animals as well. Until we purchased the collar she was definitely walking us. Now she is very gentle and it is rare that we need to use anything but the corrective sounds. I recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy their walks!

  10. AMAZING!!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 3rd 2012

    I got this for my 15 month old pit bull about a month ago. She is what the trainers call a "reactive dog". It works great! She used to pull on her leash, so I got the gentle leader, well she still pulled on that. But with this collar it only took 2 "shocks" on the 1 setting for her to get the idea, and I haven't had to use it for the pulling since. She walks right next to me with a nice "J" shape to the leash. She also used to jump up on guests coming over, run to other dogs without listening to my commands, and the collar fixed it all. I have not tried it out at the dog park yet, but I have high hopes, as everything else I have used it for has worked amazingly. She likes to take other dogs toys out of their mouths, so we'll see how that goes over. The battery life is good too, we just turn the collar off when we're sitting around the house, etc. Its rechargeable, which was the main reason I got this collar. I have no Cons about this product. I would recommend this product to anyone with a "wild child". It seems to be durable - there is some wear and tear on it. Range has never been an issue for me - seems to work great.

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