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Pink Princess Hamster Cage
Penn Plax Small Pink Princess Hamster Cage - CP1

Pink Princess Hamster Cage

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Perfect for your royal pet! The Penn Plax Pink Princess Hamster Cage features multiple levels that simulate a more natural environment for your pet.

The Pink Princess is a high-rising hideaway, two levels and abundant room for your hamster to sleep or play, a water bottle and an exercise wheel for your hamster to enjoy. The plastic keeps drafts away from your pet, and ensures your pet is comfortable while allowing you to add additional tubes and accessories to keep your pet entertained.

Each home includes a large courtyard with an integrated exercise wheel allowing for comfort and essential play. A lower level gives your pet a natural hideaway and the larger castles include a third level high rise tower that allow for easy access and interactive play.

Made from a durable plastic that helps reduce drafts, each castle provides multiple levels of royal living and contains everything your pet could want. In addition to the exercise wheel, each castle has an integrated feeding area and comes with a water bottle and a chewable wood treat.

The tubular design has plenty of places to add other tubes and fun accessories, and can be integrated with many other Penn-Plax tubular hamster homes, environments & accessories. Available in two sizes so you can fit your pet's home to his needs. Let your child's adventure begin with their very own Pink Princess Hamster Cage.


  • Dimensions:  11" H x 14" L x 8" W
  • Turning Wheel - Provides for essential exercise
  • Stimulates natural underground environment
  • Inner Courtyard - Provides abundant room for sleep and play
  • Plastic Housing Reduces Drafts
  • Easily accessible for interactive play
  • Water Bottle and Feeding Areas Integrated into Unit
  • Free hamster brush

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