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Prism Nano Aquarium Kit in Black
Prism Nano Aquarium Kit in Black

Prism Nano Aquarium

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Fun & Function in One Aquarium! This aquarium is available in three stunning colors to enhance any decor.

The Prism Nano Aquarium features the Quiet-Power Integrated Filtration System with Dual Cartridges that has a sponge for mechanical filtration and Bio-Chemical Pellets for biological filtration. Bio-Chemical Pellets are a highly porous filter material allowing for the optimum colonization of beneficial bacteria helping keep your aquarium water and your fish healthy.

The Quiet-Power Integrated Filtration System allows you to customize your filtration needs by adding or removing filter media as needed.


  • Dimensions: 7" L x 9" W x 10" H
  • 2 Gallon Capacity
  • Quite-Power Integrated Filtration system
  • Powerful 18 Bulb LED Light (Low Voltage & Safe)
  • Available in Blue or Black

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