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SlimCat Interactive Feeder

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Product Description

The SlimCat Interactive Feeder dispenses an adjustable amount of dry food as your cat plays with it. SlimCat increases your cat's activity, decreases excessive eating and improves behavioral problems such as excessive meowing, scratching or aggression.

By providing smaller portions of food throughout the day, you can help your cat maintain optimum weight as well as improve your cat's digestion. Around 50% of the cat population shows some signs of obesity. You can use SlimCat for any cat and particularly overweight cats can benefit. Fill with a healthy portion of dry food and watch your cat shape up in no time!


  • Fights obesity and helps maintain optimum weight
  • Distributes an adjustable amount of food
  • Improves cat's digestion by eating small portions several times a day
  • Enriches the cat's environment and improves alertness
  • Fun source of play and exercise
  • Holds up to 2/3 cup and compatible with dry foods only
  • Dishwasher safe

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Product Reviews

  1. NOT just for cats 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 27th 2016

    We got the orange colored one at our humane society. We have chihuahuas and this works very well for our pound puppy scrounge hound who likes to lick up every crumb he comes up against. My dogs eat only 1/2 cup of kibble every day (they are very tiny animals) so his entire days portion fits into this ball, and he will nose it around until every last kibble is gone. It's cut down on resource guarding and scarfing for our little rescue guy.

  2. What a fun toy! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 13th 2015

    I have two cats. One was immediately fascinated with this toy. He is the food focused cat of the pair who inhales his food, so it is helpful for getting him to eat more slowly. The other cat was kind of afraid of the toy but did give it a try after watching her brother get the food out of it. She didn't stick with it and keep trying to get the food out. Interesting how cats [siblings] have such different personalities. I would definitely recommend this to friends who have cats.

  3. Fun way to feed kitty 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 4th 2015

    This works really well for a cat that appears to be "food obsessed". It allows her to extend her time eating while working a bit in the process.

  4. One of four plays with it for all of them! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 9th 2015

    The three girls don't get it, but our little fella loves going to the different rooms and "cleaning up" after his sisters! One of the girls seems miffed that we are making her work for her food, but cattitude is what one comes to expect once in awhile no matter how well behaved! Don't give up! Our girls wait for our little guy to make the food come out and then they help eat it so all is not lost~~!